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Monday, December 8, 2014

Lux-Pro Flashlight Review

Tired of having to buy a big or ugly flash light to be able to see well in the dark? Check out the Luxpro Flashlights Review. Check out all the cool designs?

I needed a flashlight for my purse and when I got a chance to review this one I was super excited. Not only was it a flashlight but it was a cute flashlight.  It also is LED which means it was is brighter than the normal flashlight.  It also comes with Batteries!

About Lux-Pro:

Lux-Pro has a large selection of fun and stylish designs for your flashlight. They have a variety of sizes, lumens and colors to match most tastes. They also have pet collars!

The Review:

The first thing I wanted to know was how bright is it.  Needless to say when I pulled it out in daily light you can still see the beam.  In the dark I blinded my friends by pointing it at them.  It made it easy to help change a tire.  I could see everything I needed to see.  It also is small enough to stick in my purse and came with a wrist strap.  Mine is a Twelve hour flashlight.  It is also 40 lumens.  It has a 15 m distance beam.  My girls wanted it as soon as I pulled it out of the package.  It is also water and impact resistant.

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