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Friday, November 14, 2014

Flirty Aprons Review, Great gift for any woman!

Like super cute accessories?  Check out this review of of Flirty Aprons!  Add a touch of style and sexy to your kitchen wardrobe.  It also makes a great gift for any woman who cooks.

To be honest I never really used an apron until I started working away from home.  I have a short break between my morning bus run and my work at school to do many household chores that I can. I noticed I had a hard time keeping my clothing clothing dry and clean and I needed something to protect them from all the things I get into while doing chores and cooking.  The opportunity to do the Flirty Aprons review came at the perfect time. 

About Flirty Aprons!

These are the cutest Women's aprons around. Inspired by the Little Black Dress. They combine modern styles with a great fit. They have over 120+ fashionable styles and orders ship in 1 business day. They also feature a 30 day money back guarantee.  They also sale children's aprons and other kitchen accessories. 

The Review!

I absolutely love this apron.  They have women's aprons in lots of colors so I got to pick the color I like.  It's also super cute and thick enough so my shirt doesn't get wet while doing dishes.  It has pockets although I haven't figured out what to use those for. Did I mention it is super sexy.  The neck tie is long enough so it is easily adjustable for any size torso.  The waist straps wrap around we twice so you are all good there.  It hits right above my knee's at 5'3".   It is machine washable. I love this apron and don't mind wearing it at all.  

Get your own Flirty Apron!  Order and use code: HOLIDAY25 before Jan 1,2015 and get 25% off.

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