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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Misfit Shine Review, keep up with your activity in style!

I got the Misfit shine months ago to try and keep up with my activity and challenge me to do just a little more each day.  I hated the look of other activity arm bands so I was looking for something that looked a little more fashionable. With a job where I need to dress up a bit, the Bloom Necklace is the perfect complement to my wardrobe.  On those days where I'm in my sweats and cleaning house the watch band works great.   Check out my review!

I've had my Misfit Shine for about 6 months now.  I was excited when they offered the bloom necklace and couldn't wait to get my hands on one.  So I contacted the company and they sent me one for exchange of a review.  

About the Misfit Shine!

Misfit shine is the all in one Activity Gadget.  It offers both sleep and activity monitors.  The app is downloadable from both the android, apple and windows store and works over a blue tooth connection.    You can also track your weight, food and connect with friends for some goal friendly competition or encouragement.

The base unit the misfit shine comes is a large variety of colors.  It also comes with the shoe clasp and the black sports band.  There are many more fashionable options even clothing to hold the shine that you can get to match your style from the Misfit store!

The Misfit Shine is Waterproof to 50 meters. There is also a watch function and no charging required.

My Misfit Shine Review!

Once I set up my shines goals I can check on them by double taping the front of the Shine.  It will light up circles around the outside as I get closer to my goal.  The app on my husbands phone lets me keep a running record on your weekly goal.  Notice I said husband's phone? Not all phones can run the blue tooth part of the app. So be sure to check the compatibility requirements.

Sometimes I may not meet my daily goal but on other days I surpass it. The weekly goal gives me a good idea what my over all level of activity is.  It does steps, calories and distance.

Trust me I've tried to cheat.  I tried waving my arm around, jogging in place, even turning upside down to see if I could make it track more activity than what I was actually doing.  Didn't work.

The sleep monitoring side of the shine my husband really likes.  I sometimes like to sneak into bed late and since he has the app, on his phone, he knows what time I really come to bed and he offers no sympathy when I have had one of my super late nights.   The sleep app keeps track of deep sleep as well as normal sleep so you can see how much rest you get.   I have noticed on days when I got to bed at 9:00 pm verses midnight it shows me that I get much more deep sleep.  So it helps me improve my sleep habits.

I get lots of comments everything from "what's that?" to "I love your necklace?" from complete strangers.  I am more than happy to show my shine off.

I use my shine in an extra special way.  My activity tells me how much calories I'm burning so I know when I need to eat just a little more to keep up with my activity load.  It helps me maintain my blood sugar by knowing more precisely how many calories I have burned.

Get your own Misfit Shine now from the Misfit Store or Amazon!

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