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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Teaching Kids by letting them help you and others

Ever wanted to know how to do all those things your parents and other adults knew how to do?  Did you like the parents take your kids to work day?  Do your kids get frustrated when you don't let them try and help you do things around the Read all about why you should and how to teach your kids those things you wished someone would have passed on to you.  

Here are some reason why kids should be involved in those help projects!

Kids Teach Patience!

I know sometimes doing things with kids help can require more patience but isn't that one of the things we need to be practicing as a fruit of the spirit?  I'm not talking about letting our kids run chain saws but they can surely haul away limbs.

It makes you more aware of other peoples safety!

Another advantage of having kids around is people are more careful in what they are doing and look for potential dangers before acting, they just don't assume the adult will get out of the way of a falling limb they call out and communicate better.

It allowing parents of kids to serve!

Most the time parents with children have very little time to commit to helping others.  They have to choose between spending time with their kids and helping others in the community or at church.  There are very few opportunities for them to work along side each other so within the church community is the perfect place to let them help show love.

Kids can learn the value of hard work and experience the rewards for themselves!

When I grew up I can remember helping build my neighbors house, lay brick (or just hand them over), help shingle a roof, help gather apples by climbing the tree, cutting down trees, splitting wood, black berry picking for canning, making home-made apple butter with my extended family, helping move rocks a garden, mowed the neighbors yards, snipped shrubs, and helped clean up brush piles.  These were things we were expected to help with. I always liked helping other families more than my own.  It made my heart happy that I could love someone else by serving them.  Even the littlest toddlers can help with water runs, moving rocks, pulling weeds, helping pull tarps of brush, and help get tools to the work area.  There is always work for everyone.

These are lessons that a kid will need to know when they have grown!

I learned how to scrub a toilet, paint, grout a tub, apply caulking, even learned to run a chainsaw all by watching what my parents did when I was a kid.  It also made me more willing to try and fix something instead of just throwing it away and getting a new one.

If you want your child to be involved in ministry or things around the home let them practice it before they become teenagers!  

Teach them when they have the motivation and time to learn.  Most younger kids will ask to help around the house or try their hands at washing dishes.  They are naturally curious at a young age and will be interested in learning and trying again.  One mistake a lot of youth leaders make is trying to force a teenager to do something they have no desire to do.  If they don't want to do it they will not put forth their best effort.  At least if you teach them how to do it before you will save yourself a lot of anxiety trying to teach someone who has no desire to learn.  Hopefully the rewards from doing good and helping others will help them to take up responsibilities they want to do help others.

How to let kids help:

1. Supervision (know what the child helper is doing and what is expected of the chore or task they are doing)
2. Show by example (show them exactly what you want them to do and have them do it)
3. Point out hazards (if there is a street or a section of poison ivy show them it and tell them to avoid it)
4. Have them try it with you watching. (don't be critical of the process unless they need help, focus on the end goal)  If the trash all gets moved but it's only one piece of a time it still got moved.
5.  Teach them how to instruct others and get other kids involved in the process.  Most kids will want to try it if they see another kid helping.  So you have not just trained one you have trained one to train others.

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