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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meal Planning Printable

Got shopping to get done?  Check out this free meal planning printable to help you with meal scheduling.  Don't forget to add some of my recipes.

meal planning printable

Print this meal planning printable  for your next shopping trip.   Once your schedule is posted simply add the things you need to buy for the next trip at the bottom and you got a start on your next grocery list.

To use the meal planning printable!

  1. Insert dates in the corner of each box under the days of the week.
  2. Insert a meal for each date.  You can get as complex as you would like and even add sides or dessert. 
  3. If there is something you need make or do in advance high-light it so I you do prep the day before.  Ex: Put crock pot meals in crock pot, put crock pot out in the morning.  
  4. After hanging this up you can put the things you run out of in the grocery list below to use for next weeks planning.  You can alternatively use it to know which ingredients to buy for your meal plan and take the meal planning/grocery list with you while you shop.

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