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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The TLC VoxBox by Influenster

Do you like to try new products, I know I do.  Check out what I got in the #TLCVoxBox by influenster.

The first thing I did was open the  Neosporin Neo to Go. With 4 kids this will always come in handy.  It went straight into my purse.   I wound up using it 2 days later for a boo boo on my youngest when she fell on the side walk.  It was a little tricky figuring out how to open it.  It is a spray not the standard Neosporin goo. Great for the little ones who cry "Don't touch it" when they get a boo boo.  #NeoReady

I used the Ivory Bar Soap at our camping trip.  Not only does it work well in the bath it worked as my back up when I ran out of dish detergent.  It also is the only soap that I found that floats.   #SudLife

I always try and have tissues available for my sons allergies, usually I'm out.  So I was glad to have the Puff to Go pack to refill my purse.   If only they could make a bag that replenishes itself. #PassthePuffs

Although I am on a sugar free diet, my kids are not.  So the next thing we used was the free coupon for Breyers Gelato Indulgences.  Although it is delicious, I found the cost to be quite high for a small amount of Gelato.  We Got the Raspberry Cheesecake and the tub was completely licked clean by the kids.  #GelatoLove

I also signed up for the Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card.  You can attach your credit card and grocery card to it to earn points off per gallon.  I see how it works and report back to you.  #FuelReards

The last product for me to use is the Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother.  It looks like a compact.  I usually don't try to hide my aging process but I am curious at how well it works.  #AvonANEW

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