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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kibo Group International

Let me introduce a charity to you that is doing more than it's fair share.  From installing safe water to planting trees this Charity does it all.  This group is Kibo Group International.  Give me just a few minutes of your time to teach you about them.  It would also be a great group for your local church to be involved with.

Why Kibo Group?

Kibo group works throughout Uganda one of the poorest nations in the world. Uganda is landlocked and safe water is almost impossible without Deep Water Wells.  Water is needed for not only for drinking but for cooking, cleaning, washing of hands, the animals and for growing food as well.

Kibo group not only installs deep water wells but it teaches the villages how to maintain them. There are hundreds of broken wells in Uganda due to poor planning by the well intending folks who dug them.  If possible, Kibo group repairs the broken well and then teaches the villagers on how to maintain them so they will not be without water again.

Trees are being cut down due to the high demand of firewood used for cooking and Kibo Group helps to replant them.  This project starts with Kibo securing commitments from the village community to be an active partner with the Mvule project. Kibo provides seedlings and trains people how to plant and care for the trees. In return for successfully growing the trees for one year the community receives start up money for a new project. Often they will decide to buy and raise goats which are an important source of food and income.

Goats not only provide for physical needs of a family by providing milk, cheese and but are a way that Kibo group helps provide income to help support the families of Uganda.  The families can sale not only the food products but wool and fertilizer.   They require very little land because they are zero grazing.  They also make great pets for children.

Gender inequality is a major problem in Uganda and even the government recognizes as one of the biggest factors in the poverty of the nation. The Women’s Empowerment project by Kibo group works to equip women to live full, healthy, lives, through a series of health, Bible, and life lessons.

The topics range from malaria prevention to gossip avoidance. Each group is a diverse representation of their community: Christian, Muslim, old, young, married, and widowed. But they share many things in common: hope for their children, a water source, burial of a neighbor, the wedding of a child. It is natural to talk about health and God in such groups. A major health hazard that women face is cooking on open fires, which make kitchens dangerous. Each group often takes on a project, led by Kibo staff, to build efficient, clean stoves from local materials. These stoves have three big advantages over traditional cooking methods preventing children from being burned by open fires and unstable cooking pots, reducing smoke exposure through proper venting to the outside of the kitchen, and using less fuel. Less fuel use means less time and money spent gathering wood.

You too can partner with this group and help fund these carefully thought out products.  

You can make donations to the Kibo group and even partner with them in prayer for their ministry and workers.  Maybe even take a special collection or sale water bottles at events to help fund them.  The possibilities are endless to what you can do to help.

Keep informed!

Want to keep informed on the Kibo Group Projects you can sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of the Kibo Group Website.  You can also follow the Kibo Group on facebook.  Maybe even share them with your friends even if you cannot financially support them. 

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