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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free $10 for Kids Summer Reading Program at TD Bank

Grab $10 free money for your kids to spend this summer and reward them for reading Books at the same time!  I have 4 of these accounts, one for each of my Kids!

Two years ago I started an account for each of my kids for their spending money and for teaching them how a bank works, about interest, and how to save money for a future purchase.  The Account is free and I used the $10 summer reading money for opening the account.    I have another account for college at a different bank so this is just their money they get from doing chores.

Print off the Form for TD Summer Reading Program!

  • Have your kids read books and fill in the form
  • Take it to TD bank and start an Young Saver Account (need their SS# to do this) with the $10 or get a $10 deposit into an existing account.  There is no fee or minimum balance  for this account for children under 18. 
  • Then you can withdraw the cash if you would like.  
Bonus:  Also by having a kids account at TD bank you can get Visa gift Cards without a fee!  I've done this a few times also.   You can get any denomination also.

Valid for turn in June 1-Aug 31st!

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