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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Boards and Digital Scale Review

Looking to update your kitchen supplies?  Look no further!  Check out my review on Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Boards and Kitchen Digital Scale.

Needless to say, my cutting boards from when I got married almost 14 years ago were in need of replacement.   I was very happy when I go the opportunity to review Bamboo ones from Surpahs and they sent me a digital kitchen scale to try out as well.

About Surpahs

Surpahs makes high quality Bamboo and Digital Scales products for you home.   They have a variety of products to choose from everything from drying racks, utensil and knife storage to bathroom scales.

About the Bamboo Cutting Boards

Why Bamboo?  Bamboo cutting boards are harder and lighter than maple. They have less moisture absorbency other woods so that means not as much gets soaked in. They are very durable and are resistant to odor and bacteria.

They are Constructed of high quality eco friendly bamboo in 3-Layer overlapping joins.  They are extremely Solid to ensure no Warping, Cracking or splitting. They are also knife-friendly.  The bamboo surface helps protect blade integrity. They come in a beautiful natural finish. They are FDA approval with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

About the Kitchen Digital Scale

Surpah Digital Kitchen Scales have a thinner, simple, stylish and elegant design. They are made with safety glass.  The surface is easy to clean.  They are lightweight and portable. They have 4 high precision sensors to support accurate weigh measuring. They have proven TARE and UNIT touch operations. They are powered by lithium battery which is included, It also comes with a 100% product and shopping satisfaction guaranteed.

The Review:

I absolutely love my new bamboo cutting boards.  They look great in my kitchen and are very light. I got the set of 3 ultra-thin bamboo cutting boards in small, medium and large size (9", 12" and 15").   Having 3 different sizes is great for choosing the right one for the job or having multiple cutting boards to use when you don't have time to wash dishes between raw meat and fresh veggies.  Since they are super thin they fit well in my cabinets.

The kitchen scale is a great product to use when dieting and for more accurate measurements of dry goods. It is super easy to set your tare and then just add your products to the correct weight. I store this on top of my refrigerator until my next use.  It's super light.

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