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Thursday, April 10, 2014

SKOY Cloth Review

Skoy Cloth Review

Ever wonder if there is a cheaper and greener way for paper towels?  Today is your lucky day.  I got an opportunity to review Skoy Cloths in my home.   Check out my review and learn about a simple cheaper alternative to paper towels.  

We go through a lot of paper towels in our homes from a place to put sandwiches, cleaning, face washing and spill clean up.   A simple change in your usage patterns can save you lot of cash and be better for the environment.
skoy cloths multiple colors

About SKOY Cloths

SKOY cloths can be used instead of Paper Towels and Sponges and each one saves about 15 roll of paper towels.  They are 100% biodegradable and natural.  They are reusable and machine washable.   It absorbs about 15 times its own weight.  They come in multiple colors to fit any kitchen color theme.

The Review

skoy cloths are washableWhen the SKOY cloths first arrived in the multi-pack of different colors I assigned each kid a color and had them use them for meal times.   The kids before each meal would simply wet their cloth and wring it out and it was their cloth to use to get off spaghetti sauce or whatever wound up on their little faces through out meal times.   I had them keep the same one all day unless it got too messy.   At the end of the day I had them put it in the laundry or you can  clean it in your dishwasher and it is ready for the next meal.

The next replacement of paper towels I tried to figure out was for sandwiches.   Needless to say I will just use a plate instead and wash it instead of using paper towels or the SKOY cloth.

Since I use paper towels to clean up spills, I substituted SKOY cloths. For spills SKOY cloths absorb much, much more than a paper towel and with 4 little ones we get a lot of spills. It seems to be equal to about 10 paper towels and it much easier to wring out and reuse to dry up more.

It tried SKOY cloths as an alternative to dishcloths or paper towels for wiping food off the plate for the dishwasher.  You can use SKOY cloths to easily wash your dishes.  If you like a smaller towel to wash with or just need something to wipe off excess food for the dishwasher this cloth works great.  It also works to wipe down your counter tops and tables.   It's the perfect size for little ones who want to clean the table after a meal.

Skoy cloth and sink rack

By using the SKOY cloths and plates we did not use one paper towel for 2 weeks. For us we saved about $16 just in the 2 weeks alone.   It did help to run out of paper towels right before the SKOY cloths arrived to help us retrain ourselves to be more conscious of our usage. We will continue to use them in our house.

If you liked the sink rack (above) and the SKOY cloths they are both available on Amazon or through the SKOY Website.

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