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Monday, March 3, 2014

Super Simple Projects: Installing a Backsplash

Ever notice how different the wall measurements are for you house?  Usually you notice this when installing cabinets or even your counter-top.   Backslashes and caulking  can help make up for those uneven walls and protect your paint and walls from water damage.  I like to pick up super simple projects while my hubby is out of town and this is one of them.  

Instead of the traditional tile backsplashs check out these modern metal wall coverings from  They sale stainless steel metal tile, aluminum tile and mosaic tile for you kitchen backsplash.

I was noticing I needed a backsplash especially after my dishwasher broke and I had to hand wash my dishes and place them on the drying mat.  Where the plates and pans touch the paint of my walls I noticed the paint was getting messed up.

Installing a backslash is pretty simple you only need a few tools.

  • tile
  • Mortar / adhesive
  • grout
  • V-notch trowel
  • grout float
  • tile saw (you can usually rent these if you don't have a friend with one)
  • sponges or cheesecloth
  • buckets for mixing mortar and grout
Mosaic tiles you have to use the tile saw for so try and get a tile sheet that fits the space you want to cover if you don't want to use the saw by mixing and matching tile sheets and tile sizes.  Think of it as your artwork.  

You can find pretty simple instructions and videos for installing tile by searching for them.  It takes about 48 hours to complete this project with most of it being sitting and waiting for the mortar and grout to dry.  Most the time your kitchen can continue to be used just avoid these surfaces.  

Good luck on your project, I would love to see photos of your completed projects.  I love new ideas. 

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