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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Charities of Worth! These are the good ones!

I've been approached by lots of charities for contributions whether it be by phone call or email or even through my website.  These are the ones I've done homework on, support or know the person responsible for the daily management of the organization.   I'm hoping by having this list on my blog that it will prompt my readers to look close at the charities you support and how much money is going where and to whom.

Not all charities are created equal:
  1. Look at the % of money that goes directly to the person or area in need verses staffing or postage.
  2. Look at the screening processes they employ for people who need help to make sure their really is a need.
  3. Look at what your funds goes to support and expect a report from the organization.

Screened Charities:

Tumanini:   Provides food, schooling and basic needs for AIDS orphans in Africa. I have a little girl I support with this company.  Your sponsorship provides the basic needs of food, safe shelter, clothing, medicine, education, counseling and spiritual guidance to AIDS-orphaned children through our child sponsorship program.

Worth While Wear: Worthwhile Wear exists to reach and restore girls from forced prostitution, and more importantly help prevent girls from ever entering it. We target highly trafficked areas both internationally and domestically, and offer women the opportunity to overcome two primary factors which are at the root of sex trafficking; poverty and lack of education.This solution is offered through vocational training centers which teach women how to make wears, such as jewelry, handbags, and clothing, which are sold to provide them employment. Additionally, the women are offered free education, a safe place to stay, and restorative programs geared toward encouraging personal growth and reestablishing self-worth.

Divine Water: Divine Water was established with one goal in mind. We must get clean drinking water to everyone on the earth. This seems like a huge goal but it begins with one well at a time. They work with two great organizations, Healing Hands International and Kibo Group International, to provide wells in both Haiti and Uganda. With their help, Divine Water has helped about 1500 people so far. But this is just the beginning. This organization sends money to directly fund the cost of digging a well. 

If you see a charity that needs to be on this board and more than 95% of it's cash goes directly to helping others email the info at  

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