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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Select Specs Glasses Review

Glasses are one of those things that are often an expensive investment, especially when you have kids. Check out my review on Selectspecs Glasses.

My husband actually needed a brand new pair of Glasses.  However, he was a little camera shy so his mini decided to be my model for these glasses.

My son Joshua is wearing The Gunmetal by Savannah.  The Lenses Include FREE UV, anti-reflection, and scratch resistant coatings. They are super light.  

It was super easy to order these glasses.  You can get them as single, bifocal or Varifocal.  Don't know what sizes everything should be, you can send in an old pair of glasses with a current prescription and they can match everything up for you.  

The only downside how long delivery took.  It was ordered over the Christmas holiday so it probably took some extra time for that.  

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