Snow Cream (The perfect Snow Day Recipe) | The Savings Wife

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Cream (The perfect Snow Day Recipe)

Snow Cream is one of my favorite Snow Day treats.   Made with 3 simple ingredients + Snow, it's the perfect treat for those days home from school.   

Before you kids turn your snow into a Snowman.  Find a place that has undisturbed snow and gather a bowl or leave one out for the snow to fall into.  I like to get mine off my second story roof which is easily accessible from my bedroom window.

Snow (my large bowl made enough for 5 heaping bowls)

Mix Snow and milk until it resembles something like water ice or shaved ice.  Add Sugar and vanilla to taste. You can use other flavorings too.  You can freeze it but it will become Ice. Try Popsicle containers instead for leftovers.

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