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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pressed-Leaf Placemats

We usually have the kids create their own Thanksgiving placemats. A few times, we have used autumn leaves that the kids have collected.

Guest Post by: Megan Lagoy

How to Preserve Pressed Leaves with Wax Paper (or Contact Paper)

  1. Gather leaves and Construction paper
  2. Arrange pressed leaves between the shiny sides of two sheets of wax paper. 
  3. Place a brown paper bag underneath to protect your ironing board. 
  4. An adult should then press the top sheet of wax paper gently with a warm iron for about ten seconds to melt the wax.
  5.  Let the paper cool thoroughly.
Alternatively, help your children arrange their pressed leaves between two sheets of clear contact paper. Smooth air bubbles away with a spoon.

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