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Monday, October 14, 2013

Rejuvenator Shower Head Review

One of the items we wished we had when my husband injured his knee was a hand held shower head.  I just got the Rejuvenator with Microbubble Technology to review and I'm super excited.

What can you do with a hand held shower head you can't do with a regular shower head?  

  • Reach the entire shower to rinse it after cleaning.
  • Easily rinse your kids hair without having to use the cover your eyes with the wash cloth trick.
  • Reach places on your kids that just need a little more rinsing.
  • Take a shower and avoid the recently bandaged arm or leg.  
  • Make the shower taller for guests or for a taller hubby without having to redo the pumbing.
Needless to say we were super excited to give the Rejuvenator a try in our house.

About the Rejuvenator shower head.

The Rejuvenator distinguishes itself from other showerheads and bathroom accessories by using Microbubble Technology. Micro-bubble Technology generates millions of tiny microbubbles that naturally cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the skin, for a healthier look. Unlike any other showerhead, you will notice the water is more smooth, cleans deeper, and that your skin is re-hydrated using this showerhead. 

The Review:

Step 1: Installation:  It was easy to install and I installed it myself.  It came with silk tape but I didn't need to use any.  It mounts on existing plumbing and with a twist of a dial you can determine if one or both of the shower heads are on.   It does swivel a bit by design so it took a little getting used too. The directions had photos to make them even simpler.  

Step 2: Usage:  It really did a good job rinsing my daughters long hair.  My girls take a shower with me in the morning so it makes it easier to train them to take showers by themselves since the water rinses their hair better.  I got a chance to use it to clean my tub after my son got a stomach bug and he used the tub instead of the toilet.  It made clean up a breeze. Can I say that my skin is better or re-hydrated?  Not really because I use a tea tree oil body wash.  I can say that it made life in my house much easier.   Showers for two work without having to switch who is in front of the shower head and it gave my husband a way of not having to lean back to take a shower since he is taller than I am.  Simply hand one back.  
It is suppose to clean you naturally without having to use soap or shampoo.   Each microbubble is ionically charged to exfoliate penetrate and attract the dirt from deep with in your skin.  

It also comes with a 5 year warranty!

Where to get your own Rejuvenator.

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