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Friday, October 4, 2013

Paper Towel Holder ABC game

Here is a great super simple Idea to each your kids their ABC's!  Check out another Brilliant Momma Idea: The Paper Towel Holder ABC game.

I love super cheap ways to help my children learn their ABC's and get a head start at reading.  The Paper Towel Holder ABC game is both. It also can give you a few minutes of quiet while you prepare dinner too and is not messy.


  • 1 paper towel holder
  • Marker or Sharpie
  • Stickers that you can write on.


Here are a couple of games you can play.
  • Big letter and Small letter Matching.   Aa, Bb.. ect.  
  • Match the letter and say it as you put the sticker on.   
  • Phonics game.  What sound does this make then give them the sticker to match.
Thanks Jessie for the photo!

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