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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Colourful Stars Cosmos Laser Projector Review

Sometimes you get what you paid for. Check out my review on the Colourful Stars Cosmos Laser Projector.

When Tmart approached me to do a review on one of their products I was happy to give it a try since they have lots of toys and I wanted to get a little Christmas shopping done in advance. My son is doing the planets and solar system this year so I was hoping to get him a star projector for his room.

So when I got my choice of product to review I picked the "Colourful Stars Cosmos Lazer Projector"!

The Review: 

Looking at the Colourful Stars Cosmos Lazer Projector on the website I though it would automatically revolve since it said "revolving". Needless to say there is no moving parts to it. The stars are actually a thin piece of plastic that sits on the inside of the projector and it is in no way aligned with any of the months as displayed on the outside. The months are just decorations on the outside of the gadget so people like me might think that "Oh you can align it with the months of the year so he can see what it looks like outside." Needless to say I was really wrong and disappointed. There are a lot of misleading photos and information on the site about the item.  So it was not what I expected in the least.   Good thing it was free or I would have sent the item back.

It wasn't a complete bust though. It has a LED light the projector light which both work as a night light for my younger son. It's battery operated but does have slot for a power plug but no cord is included.  It does produce dots on the ceiling, can't really say they are stars, and does have a moon shape that can be displayed in a number of colors.

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