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Friday, September 27, 2013

What Is The Best Way To Straighten Your Hair

Most Ladies are not satisfied with the hair they have.  Women who have curly hair want straight hair and the same applies the other way around.   I have curly hair so I'm always interested in learning how to make my hair straight.

Silky, smooth luxurious locks are desired by many, but how can you straighten your hair, keep it straight, and not worry that as soon as a muggy day comes along your money is down the drain? Forget about blow-dryers and those short-term treatments that are over and done with by the time the day ends. There are a few solutions to straighten you hair and keep it straight that you can try without having to worry about the weather and ultimately wasting your money.

Many hair-straightening solutions can give you great results, but these solutions wear off as soon as your hair begins to grow. For those of you with bulky, medium sized curls, thermal conditioning, or Japanese hair straightening, could serve you well. This style of straightening has become increasingly popular over the past several years and has exceptional views from women with even the frizziest hair.

Although expensive, the solution is long lasting. Straightening your hair with this method is advertised to keep your hair silky and straight for up to six whole months. That’s a real money saver. The treatment will cost you, on average, about $500, and application can last up to eight hours for the kinkiest hair, but the benefits are immense. Salon stylists and consumers who have tried the solution advocate that your hair will be maintenance-free for the entire six months and stand by this guarantee.

Application of the product starts with the administering of a solution that will break the bonds that afford each strand of hair its shape. The hair is then rinsed, blow-dried, and flatironed. Subsequently, the hair is neutralized into position that will maintain its new, sleek and straight look. After the process is completed, you will be able to get your hair wet, sleep with it down, or place it into a ponytail and still come out with straight and shiny hair.

Brazilian treatments, or keratin hair treatments, can be very effective for those whose hair frizz problem isn’t too out of control. These solutions only cost consumers around $90 and smooth the surface of the hair with exceptional results. Keratin treatments are free of harmful formaldehyde and can be applied in the comfort of your own bathroom.

The application of this treatment is not as complex as Japanese hair straightening and is not as time consuming, but the results are still great, silky, and straight hair. Start by applying the cleansing shampoo to your already wet hair and massage. Wash twice to remove all previous chemicals and build-ups before drying hair. Once dry, divide your hair into four even sections and squeeze a small amount of solution into your glove covered hand and apply to each section. Try using a large-tooth comb to distribute the solution to the entire length of your hair.

Blow-dry your hair from scalp to tip until the hair is one hundred percent dry. After your hair is completely dry, separate hair into sections and flat iron each section between eight to ten times. Continue to flat iron hair until each strand is straight. Within a day, wash your hair again with the Keratin shampoo provided. The ending result will be fabulous, sleek, and straight hair.

Straight, sleek, and glamorous hair is highly desirable and there are really great solutions to attaining it. Japanese treatments, Brazilian or keratin treatments, and several other applications can get you the results you truly crave. Being able to run your fingers through your hair at the end of a long workday is satisfying and pleasurable. Not to mention, smooth, straight hair is also very tempting to play with.

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