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Monday, September 23, 2013

Things To Know Before Attending Summer Camp

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The summer camp experience is one that every child should have. Camping, learning activities, outside exploration, and companionship with other children of nearly the same age are beneficial to both a child’s social and academic growth. Summer camp is an opportunity for children to actually be children, play outside in the sun, and learn a thing or two while doing it. Children should be excited about the chance to experience a real summer camp and parents should be excited for them. However, there are a few things that every parent and child should know before attending a summer camp.

Always Match A Summer Camp To Your Child’s Interests

Have a discussion with your child about what he or she would like to learn, explore, try, and accomplish during their time at camp. Ask your child if they would like to play sports, go boating or rafting, examine wildlife in the forest, or learn to navigate forests and rivers.

Your child’s interests will ultimately dictate your narrowing of choices in picking a summer camp for him or her. If your child loves animals and is always looking to adopt and take care of them, search for summer camps that have animal care activities and workshops. The last thing you want is your child to be away at a summer camp learning and partaking in tasks they have no interest in.

Does The Cost Of The Camp Match Your Budget

Be aware of all expenses concerning your child and their time at summer camp. Inquire the cost of the camp and what the fee covers. Fees such as food and liability insurance can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars so be sure to do your research. Take into account the price of transportation if the campsite requires a bit of driving to drop off and pick up your children.

The Return Rate And Conditions

Be aware of the philosophies of the summer camp. You should know how many campers return to the site year after year, how often the employees or volunteers work and the screening process they must go through to work at the camp, and will your child be sleeping at the site or will you have to pick them up at the end of each day.

Daily Schedules

Not only do you want your little camper to enjoy themselves each day of summer camp, you should know what you are getting for your money. Ask the campsite about the schedule for the children attending the camp. Inquire about the activities the campers will partake in, how they will be managed, and how employees will be held accountable.

Your child will be under the supervision of a group of people that is outnumbered by those they are watching over, so you should be fully informed as to how the daily routine of the summer camp is organized and managed.

Is The Camp Accredited

Credentials are important. Be sure to check with the American Camp Association and determine if the summer camp you are exploring is a safe and inviting environment for your child.

Know everything about the situation in which you are placing you child. This is a tremendous step for both you and your child and should be monitored with care and deliberated with careful consideration. The summer camp experience is one that will remain with you and your child forever so it is entirely within your right to carefully examine every minute detail.

Nothing is unimportant and you can never be too meticulous. Affording your child the opportunity to attend summer camp is a special moment for both of you and all nuances of that moment should be explored.

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