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Friday, August 23, 2013

Toy Jail! Helping keep a cleaner house!

Your kids start getting older and gone are the baby toys that clutter your floors on a minute to minute basis. You find yourself with a different problem.  Elementary aged kids with more expensive toys.   

This is the perfect age to introduce Toy Jail.   Mom has lots of chores, keeping the house manageable is one of them.   DS's, video games, roller-blades, balls, trader cards, silly bands have been left in various places in the house and none of them where they belong.

The toy jail is the place you put all those toys as you go about your cleaning that doesn't belong where they are left.   In order for your child to get a toy out of toy jail they must complete 3 chores that you choose.

This creates three bonuses for you.
  1. You simply take the toy jail with you as you clean up. You don't have to walk from room to room putting things away.
  2. You get chores done you need help with.
  3. The child will learn to put things where they belong.  (the longer it takes the more cleaning you get done).
For your toy jail you want something that is easily portable and inexpensive.  They will usually come and ask..." Do you know where my ..... is?"  I respond, "Did you check toy jail?"  Anything that is left in there for a month I do away with.

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