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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Litigation over my estate or trust?

Ever worry about how your assets will be handled when you pass away?   This guest post gives you one lady's perspective of what happens when family doesn't agree.   

My grandparents owned a few hardware stores when they passed on. Now my grandparents were very good at managing those stores. They were a mom and pop operation but pretty well known in this part of Florida as being good people. But selling hardware to nice families and getting your estate or trust affairs in order are two very different things. I know that if my grandfather were here today he would say “I don’t want any litigation over my estate or trust”. You see back then nobody really trusted attorneys. There were way to many stories of misdealings.

I saw how that affected our family and I always promised myself that there will be no fighting about my estate, trust or will. Now that I am older it became my responsibility as a husband and father to get everything in order for my family. I wanted to make sure they would be secure and settled like famous celebrities when it comes to my assets.

Well I am currently the client of a law firm down here in South Florida called Boyes & Farina. And I can tell you, after many years and hundreds of cases, these guys have learned that the facts are always the same in a general sense, but have infinite variety as to the particulars.  And the attorneys at Boyes and Farina understand how to deal with it all. The thing is, while clients are best served by first attempting to negotiate an honest, fair and prompt resolution to a dispute, it often becomes necessary for an estate attorney to litigate in order to preserve and protect a family member’s personal rights and assets or a client’s inheritance. I can tell you that’s what happened with my grandparents estate and unless you want it to happen to your assets as well you might want to give them a call.

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