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Monday, August 5, 2013

Garden Party

This year Abby is going to have a garden party for her birthday. We borrowed the idea from my sister and my cousin, Robin, with some magazine-inspired added touches. 


The night before, we prepared:

I have been saving Abby's garden-themed artwork for the past month, so we hung them up on ribbons in the archways.

This one includes some artwork by Isaac with the inscription: "Hape Brf day Abby."

The table ready for kids' garden dinner. Can you tell Abby was VERY excited?

Last-minute party favors that I was not planning on but had to buy when I saw them at the dollar store. Girls got butterflies, boys got bees. Themes make me so happy.

We made bird's nests out of shredded wheat and gave each little Peeps chick a cozy garden home.

And we used the fake flowers from Abby's bedroom (also garden themed) for our decorations.

Abby and Isaac even set out the clothes they planned to wear.

The Day of the Party:

We gathered our friends...

Painted some flower pots...

Opened some presents...

And made some dirt pudding (with gummy worms to keep the garden fresh, of course)...

Abby pointing out that the wind blew out her candle while we sang happy birthday.

Each dirt pudding had a marshmallow flower on top (thanks Jennifer!).

Then we added some real dirt to our flower pots...

Picked a favorite flower or two...

Added a little more dirt on top...
And gave them a little water.

Aw, sweet. First love? Probably not, but still a sweet picture!

Finished pots (and 2 cuties).

Thank you friends!

And now we have a happy doorstep.

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