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Monday, July 22, 2013

Where I Live, teaching Kids their address

Last year I started drilling the kids on where they live. What city do you live in? What state? What's the name of our neighborhood? This time around I thought it was time for them to know their address. 

We started, of course, with a trip to the library. I didn't have much luck finding books that would encourage kids to know their address but this book called Me On The Map was super cool for helping them to understand where they fit in the great big earth, emphasis on maps.

Reading this book inspired us to draw a map the inside of our house. 

I drew the walls and representations of the furniture and the kids did the coloring. (You can see why I don't usually try to draw things).

Of course, once the kids were finished, they thought the next logical step was to hide a treasure and have someone use the map to find it. Since it was so close to Father's Day, we hid Adel's gifts and on Sunday he'll have to use the map to find them. 

We also spend a lot of our car time this week chanting our address out loud together: "Now whisper it." "Now say it." "Now shout it!" On the last day, I had the kids repeat our address one last time as I helped them label envelopes to send in the mail to themselves.

They each bought a $1 prize at the store to mail to themselves in their self-addressed envelopes.

They are eagerly awaiting Sunday so Adel can find his "treasure" AND Monday or Tuesday so they can finally receive the prizes that have been delivered back to them in the mail.

Written by Megan Lagoy

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