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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WaxVac Review

It's not very often I get a review that doesn't live up to my expectations this was one of them.  Check out my review on The WaxVac! 

Ever buy something hoping it could be a solution only to find out it doesn't do what you would assume the name says it does? That was my experience using the WaxVac.

I got the chance to review WaxVac and was excited because I thought it would actually vacuum out my ear wax. Let's just say I've had a problem with too much wax in my ears for a number of years and most conventional methods such as ear washes haven't worked. 
Ok, so what is the WaxVac suppose to do if it doesn't remove ear wax? According to the directions it can remove water and loose debris in your ear. It does create a very very gentle suction that is suppose to pull water out of your ear. Your suppose to use it after swimming or bathing and it is safe and effective for children to use by themselves.

I give this product a 1 out of 5 stars due to deceptive naming of the product. Also, after trying it on 5 different heads absolutely nothing came out onto the filter or into the tube.

If you wanna try one for yourself?  Order your own WaxVac. 

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