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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wraptastic Review

Wraptastic is a brand new kitchen tool that is a must have for summertime entertaining. Plastic wrap and foil can be so frustrating, yet they are necessary for transporting food outside and shielding it from bugs and dirt. Wraptastic eliminates kitchen battles by providing a safe and easy to use container for all of your wrapping materials.

I got a free Wraptastic to review!

I have often been that person who goes to tear plastic wrap or foil and get the wrap too short. I have  by using the box blade, tore the piece so I couldn't use it.  I have had plastic wrap cling to itself and I would have to trash it.   So needless to say I was very happy to give Wraptastic a try!

The Review: 

The first thing I noticed is with Wraptastic the blade is protected.  Ever cut you hand on the foil box?   I have lots of times so I appreciate anything that saves my hands from danger.  It gave me perfect cuts every time and I didn't get cut because I picked up the box incorrectly or it was stored with blade exposed.

I then tried Wraptastic with  a number of different types of rolls in the dispenser, foil, wax paper, plastic wrap. They all fit and were easy to switch out.   

The size of the Wraptastic is only slightly bigger than the original boxes in width but it's the same length so it fits where the boxes went.   

Withe Wraptastic the roll doesn't fall out like it does from the original box. 

So how well does it work?

Wraptastic was incredibly easy to use and with a simple push down on the top your wrap, paper or foil is a perfect cut.   Wraptastic also doesn't move as you are pulling the wrap out so you can use two hands.  It is much easier to get the right size for what your wrapping because you can just sit the product under the wrap and push down instead of tearing it and risking knocking the food off the counter. I've done that too.

Over all?

"Wraptastic worked great.  I would buy 2 more myself. "  
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