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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Simple Baby Layette with what you really NEED for a Baby!

When I was shopping for a new baby I found that most lists for a baby are composed of a lot of stuff you really don't need.  As a mom of 4 this is what I would recommend for a Baby Layette. This is what you really need for a newborn baby.

If you are planning on a shower, I recommend adding these items to your registry and schedule baby showers at around 28-30 weeks.   This should give you plenty of time to make sure you have everything ready and before nesting kicks in and you feel like you should buy everything just to make sure.   Always add Diapers size 1 and size 2 to your registry!  You will use them.

Great places to register are BabysRUS, Target and Amazon

Baby Layette


  • Oneses  6 (buy 0-3 month ones) (these will be your main type of clothing, long sleeve for winter, short for summer)  Recommend: Gerber Unisex-Baby 5 Pack Variety Onesies
  • Pull on pants 2 or 3: Get ones without feet, they fall off less easily this way
  • Sleep Gowns:  3  (they have both boy and girls designs, they are super quick for changes in the middle of the night)
  • baby blankets 3 (one for carseat and two for bed use) these are not the swaddling blankets get real ones.   You can swaddle with real blankets also.


  • Place to sleep.  "I recommend a pack in play instead of a crib"  Much cheaper and you will get a lot of use out of it.
  • Car seat:  Graco is the best.   Look for the ones that go up to 26 inches though or you will have to make a new purchase at around 6 months maybe even before. (You can use someones old one but make sure they have not been a wreak or are no older than 2 years old).
  • Pump and a bottle:  You don't have to get the top of the line for this.  Usually unless your breasts are hurting it's hard to get milk out if it's your first child.  Don't be surprised if you don't get much.  The pump can eliminate soreness if you are breast feeding because of too full breasts. It depends on your pumping needs.  You can also rent them from hospitals.   I used a single electric breast pump (Medela is a good brand).  I have used hospital grade to even hand pumps.  They all work but Medela was the least harsh on my breasts.
  • Nursing pads or Milk savers:  I recommend Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads.
  • Cloth diapers for burp cloths (Much much cheaper) Gerber Birdseye 10 Count Flatfold Cloth Diapers,
  • Pads for Mommy:  The hospital will supply a few but go with Always Ultra Overnight With Wings, for your buck and they are super comfortable.  (Think of it as your heavy days continuous for about 6 weeks and you can't use tampons)
  • Bottles if Bottle feeding: I recommend Playtex BPA Free VentAire Wide Bottle Newborn Starter Set  Do not get drop ins!  They will cost way to much money!
  • Breast Milk Storage:  A fresh pump will store 24 hours out of refrigerator.  72 hours in refrigerator and  a long time in a freezer.  If you are storing in freezer you should not use glass!   I recommend The First Years 25 Pack Ziploc Brand Milk Storage Bags for the freezer and just using the bottles for out of freezer storage.
  • Breast Shields:  The are great and you can see how much your baby is getting.  Works great for latch issues too.   I used them with baby #1 and #2 who were both boys, slightly premature and had poor sucking reflexes.    They even work on super swollen breasts.   I recommend picking up one of these and if you don't need to use it just return it in the packaging.   It can be a life saver at 3 am.   These are easy to stop using.   Medela Contact Nipple Shield 20mm

Provided by the hospital or OB!

  • Hat or Hats (Most don't use these after 2 weeks)
  • Boogie sucker 
  • Baby shampoo (lasts about 2 weeks)
  • Baby brush
  • Diapers (enough for about a week) Use their supplies while your there and ask for extra, most will give you some.  (Buy size 1, you get more diapers this way and if they are a little big simply roll down the front)  I recommend Parents Choice you can purchase these at walmart also
  • Diaper bag (most formula companies provide them to the hospital or to your OB office as samples).
  • Wipes (enough for about a week) Parent's Choice Unscented Baby Wipes, 700ct can purchase at walmart also
  • Formula (usually with sample bag)
  • Lanolin (one small tube lasts almost 3 months) ask for some if they don't give you any right away.
  • Thermometer  You will get one of these probably with some rectal shields

What about ....?

  • Toys: Most will not play with anything for about 3 months and spend most of their time looking around or sleeping.   When you do get a toys I recommend this: Manhattan Toy Winkel
  • Baby Tub:  A towel on the bottom of your kitchen sink is the easiest!
  • Baby washcloths:  Use yours they work!
  • Baby Towels:  Use a hand towel or one of your smaller towels.
  • Nail file and clippers:  Trust me don't use them, think bloody mess and mom feeling really bad.  Simply bite their nails when they get to long.
  • Gas Medicine: You may or may not use this. Most likely culprit is you are over feeding them.
  • Childrens Tylenol: Most infants failing to thrive will not run a fever when sick. They will have a low temperature instead such as anything below 96.5 degrees.  Most pediatricians will not recommend anything for a baby or infant.  A warm bath for vaccinations usually is enough.
  • Baby water temperature checker:  Back of your hand or your lips is your best test.
  • Hand sanitizer Gel or lotion:  Don't use!  It can be toxic for your baby.  Soap and Water is all you need. 
  • Baby mirror: Really don't help you and take your eyes off the road.   If your concerned pull over.
  • Sun Shield for windows:  They will turn face away or close eyes.
  • Nursery Water:  If you can drink out of your tap or have a water filter your fine.  If not buy large gallon sized water for much cheaper.
  • Laundry Detergent for the Baby:  Any Free and Clear will do, most likely unless you use Tide they will not have any reaction to your detergent.   

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