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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Gospel in Colors: The Wordless Book

The Wordless book is one way to explain the gospel to children.  

Black represents our sin.

I like to explain to the kids that God sees even our attitudes. Even though we tend to think we're good people, God sees our hearts and knows we are far from perfect. And God's standard for judgment is perfection. Anything less than perfection is punishable by death.

Red represents Christ's blood.

Christ had to live a perfect life, to earn that nearness to God that we cannot earn for ourselves. Then he willingly gave his blood by dying on the cross to take the punishment for our mistakes. He took the death we deserve.

White represents purity.

Once we accept and trust in the sacrifice Christ made for us, we get to take His purity, His perfection on us. From then on, when God sees us, He sees Jesus. When He judges us, He judges Jesus, and we pass because of Him. We become His sons and daughters with all the benefits of being heir to the throne.

Gold represents eternal life.

When this life is over, God promises those who have trusted in Christ, that they will live forever with him in heaven, a place where His glory shines. With God in heaven, there is no more sadness, no more pain, no more death.

Green represents growth.

Since we are not yet in heaven, we have a job to do here on earth. We are to grow in Him. That means growing in knowledge, in love for him, and in following Him.

Here are some resources that helped me understand this concept:
The Wordless Book.

How to Make a Wordless Book and Bracelet.
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