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Monday, April 15, 2013

Fill Your Make-Up Bag With New Spring Colors

Spring is right around the corner.  As the weather gets warmer and the sunny days get longer, it’s time to think about exchanging your winter plums for spring pinks and pastels.  This spring, big and dramatic eyes are definitely in style.  You can update your eye shadow palette with all of the new trendy colors of spring. 

Choosing eye shadow shades that contrast with your natural eye color can help to create a dramatic look.  Here are some tips on how to make your eyes sparkle this spring season.

Green Eyes
To make your green eyes demand attention, use contrasting colors that are warm and red based.  While dark green, plum, lilac, and purple shade are great for a night out, lavender hues look amazing with green eyes for a springtime afternoon.  If you prefer a metallic shade, stick with gold, copper, and bronze.  Avoid using black eyeliner.  Instead, select greys and browns.
  • Close set eyes:  Apply deep purple and plum shades to the outer edges of the eye, and a lighter purple toward the inner corner of the eye.  This will make your eyes appear wider.
  • Droopy eyes:  If your eyelids tend to droop, apply the lighter eye shadow shades to the outer edges and the deeper purple shades to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Shades to avoid:  Avoid metallic silver, and any cool toned eye shadow shades.
Blue Eyes
Blue eyes look radiant this spring with rose and lavender colors.  Ladies with blue eyes also look gorgeous with neutral and brown colors as well.  For a night out, try a metallic silver or gold.  Both work well with blue eyes.
  • Try using dark blue mascara with smudged charcoal eyeliner.  Pair it with a purple, dark blue or gray eye shadow for a dramatic smoky look. 
  • Dark blue tones bring out the natural underlying tones in your blue eyes.
  • Black mascara and eyeliner frame your eyes beautifully.
  • Turquoise and icy pink are great springtime shades for a sunny afternoon.
Brown Eyes
On the color wheel, brown doesn’t have any complementary or opposite colors.  Therefore, most any eye shadow shades will pair well with brown eyes.  There are specific colors, however, that will complement the shade of your beautiful brown eyes.
  • Deep Brown:  To further accentuate your deep brown color, stick with medium to dark hues of shadow.  Plum, charcoal gray, and forest green are great for a night out on the town.  Gold, bronze, and dark browns also work well.
  • Medium Brown:  Violet, green, and bronze colors look great on those who have medium brown eyes.  For daytime, add green and purple into your eye shadow palette.  For an evening look, pair neutral shades of shadow with metallic copper eyeliner. 
  • Light Brown:  Instead of using black eyeliner, try using a chocolate or gray colored liner.  This will keep your eyes from looking overdone.  Apply a base shade on the lid in a neutral tone.  Then use a darker shade of the same color in the crease of your eye.  While light brown eyes can wear almost any color, have fun playing with various shades to find which looks best with your skin tone.
After a long and cold winter, people welcome the warm sun and the fun colors that come along with spring.  Fill your make-up bag with glitter, pastels, and metallic shades this spring season.

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