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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cooking with the Kids: Crostinis

When the kids and I spent a week learning about eating healthy, I wanted to have them help me make a healthy dinner. (I did this recipe once and then again two days later to make improvements, thus explaining why the kids seem to change clothes halfway through).

We started by having the kids use plastic picnic knives to chop the veggies for their own salads.

Then we made crostini pizza. 
I thinly sliced a whole wheat baguette for them to decorate with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni (you could get more creative with the pizza toppings but I was going for kid-friendly here).

Abby felt she needed a tip!
I toasted them at 400 for about 10 minutes, until the bread was getting crispy and the cheese melted and a little toasted-looking.

Enjoying the crostini pizza
with fresh watermelon juice.
We also made some crostinis with a pesto spread topped with a slice of tomato and fresh mozzarella.

And, a Greek-style crostini using this Kalamata olive spread.

We topped that with a slice of cucumber and a mixture of diced red bell pepper and crumbled feta. Again, 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

My Review:
I am really excited about this simple, tasty, healthy, kid-friendly meal. I love the idea of getting more creative with future toppings. I would like to try a small piece of grilled chicken on top of my pesto-tomato-mozzerella crostinis. How about a chicken or eggplant parmesan crostini? Or brie and mango. Yum! The possibilities are endless so I plan to do crostinis regularly until I have it perfected.

Our Scores:
Adel - 8/10 Good for homemade pizza if it has to be on whole wheat bread.
Megan - 9/10 If I keep tweaking this I think I can get it to a 10.
Isaac - 10 /10 Gobbled them up. YUM!
Abby - 7/10 Mostly just wanted to eat the cheese off the top.

Written By: Megan Lagoy
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