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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Veggie Tales "The Little House That Stood" Review

While sitting down to watch "The Little House that Stood" DVD, I saw myself. I'm the parent but I heard a very good lesson in a new way! 

While it wasn't the title film that stuck with me it was the "bonus" feature, "The Good Egg of Gooseville." 

Ever Wonder What Happened Before Humpty Cracked?  As an active member of my own church and family, I found myself relating to Humpty aka Bob.   

He is stressed from helping everyone.  His "to do" list is a mile long.  He finds himself cracking, literally.   He is trying to do everything himself and even with Baby Bear, aka Junior Asparagus to help,  he still longs to get away from it all.   He is caving under all the pressure.  Wanna know what I learned? will have to check out the DVD to find out.  Hint:  It will give a new look and a new way to apply one of the first proverbs you probably learned.

As for the "The Little House that Stood"!   I loved the music, sticks in your head type of good.   Very good lesson on building a firm foundation in God mixed with the Three Little pigs.  It's a crazy mix of nursery rhyme and Proverb.   It doesn't matter what your materials to build with are, brick, hay or wood, they all depend on your foundation.   

Ok enough about me.... how did my kids like it?   We have have watched it a least 6 times already, it is quickly becoming a favorite.  This is a great one for your Sunday School classes.   

Wanna grab this DVD for yourself?
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Here are some coloring sheets and a craft to go along with your movie!

Craft:  Little house  and Characters !

Check out the Trailer for "The Little House that Stood"!


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