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Monday, February 25, 2013

Uglee Pens Review

If these pens look different to you they definitely are! They are Uglee Pens!

What are Uglee Pens?

The UGLee Pen is good for everyone who writes (even just a grocery list), and is especially helpful to people who experience pain and discomfort when writing, for example those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.,.

It's also the best writing utensil for children who are learning to write and are developing fine motor skills, as well as helpful for special-needs children who find holding a pen or pencil properly difficult. And for high-school and college students who have to take copious notes, this pen helps keep hands and fingers from cramping.

The Review of the Uglee Pen.

Honestly, when I took them out of the package I thought "That is a really ugly pen."  My daughter however,  loved the look of the pen.  Uglee Pens do not move from the desk when you lay them down, so no more chasing pins that roll off.   The rubber grip is a little odd to get used too in the beginning.  It has a cushioned grip that allows you finger to sink in instead of just sitting on top.  Your fingers do not slip.  

I looked on the website and they didn't sale pencils with the gripper so I removed the gripper and placed in on a pencil.  It stayed in place. So it can work well for your kids when they can use only pencils.  If your pen runs out of ink they do have refills available for you to purchase.  

The biggest difference between this an any other pen is the grip and the look.  

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