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Friday, January 18, 2013

Look at these shoes!

I just got these shoes to review!   

I'm a girl who doesn't own many shoes but I love the ones I own.    I love my new Milan Clogs! 

I tried them on with Jeans, skirts, Capri's and dresses and it went well with all of them.  The best part is that it is closed toe so you can't see my winter toes.  They fit perfect and the sizing chart is right on.   

I loved the detail in the leather.   It made them extra cute.   The heel height and width gave me a firm foundation.   Just like most shoes it takes time for them to wear in.   The leather does stretch with wear. I do recommend wearing them around the house for a couple of weeks to break them in and get used to wearing a clog.  You can also wear them with stockings.  
About The Milan Clogs!  

Sandgrens Milan Swedish Clogs are charming and elegant wood shoes. 
The Milan clogs feature a low-heel Swedish Alder wood base and the finest Italian vegetable leather leather, which is fastened with staples for a clean but classical look.

The Milan clogs come in seven colors: black, royal blue, red, ocean, light lime, yellow and even in a neon pink. The Heel height is 1.75” (4.45 cm), with a wide support.    You can wear them with or without stockings so they are a year round shoe.  They have a nice tread and you stay above the puddles since they have elevation.  Each pair is custom made, timeless and unique.  
Where can I get my own Pair of Milan Clogs?

They are available for purchase from the Sandgrens Website!
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About The Sandgrens Company!

Historically, few countries have cherished clogs as much as Sweden, which is where Sandgrens Clogs was originally founded as a leather tannery in the mid 1800s. Sandgrens is considered among the oldest clog - if not the oldest - brands in the world, if not thee oldest and was once also the largest. 

During the 19th and early 20th century, the time of the great Swedish emigration to America, more than one million Swedes left their home country to seek better fortunes. They brought with them not only their traditions, but also their unwavering love for clogs.  Read more about them....

Sandgrens also makes shoes for Men and Children too.