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Friday, July 26, 2013

How I got started! Help for Bloggers!

This is how I got Started and some Tricks for all you Bloggers out there!

Setting up:
  1. Create a name  (this will be your brand)  For example (The Savings Wife)
  2. Create an email address and google account specifically to be used specifically for your blog on gmail.  You will want to use your blog name in the email name (ie.
  3. Create a free blog page on
  4. Get your Profile set up, make it look nice, set themes.   You can change this later but you want something on that page before you begin down the advertising section.   Make your first post.
  5. I recommend adding follower widgets now.   GFC and Networked Blogs are the largest ones.  
  6. Now you want to buy a domain. Buy one now
  7. You will also want change your settings:  
  • Under basic: Privacy: listed on blogger visible to search engines
  • posts, mobile and email, languages : set how you would like
  • Search preference:  Set meta tags (these are search words) ie. savings, coupon, etc
  • other: feed: set to full, Google analytics (set up a new account) you will get an id # to add to your page, this will give you your stats.  Once you get used to writing and start publishing a feed switch it to (until page break).   Page breaks will help cut your loading time on your site.   My posts are currently set up with a page break if you look at my home page. 
 Advertising and Social Media:

You are can advertise at The Savings Wife!

  1. Create you a facebook page this is different from your profile.   If you already have a facebook account click here to create your facebook page.
  2. Once your page gets enough fans you can change your facebook url here.  I recommend making it the same name as your blog page. (ie.
  3. Set your blog to publish to Facebook automatically through RSS Graffiti
  4. Before you set up your facebook ads account do a google search for free facebook advertising codes.  You can use more than one usually and you want to add as many as possible to your account in the first 15 days.   Otherwise you will have to pay for these out of your own pocket.
  1. Create a Twitter account.  Make your user name the same as your blog.
  2. Set your facebook account to publish directly to your twitter account.  Once you get more familiar with twitter you start adding @ and # to your posts.
You can later add pinterest accounts, stumbled upon, Google+ and Linked In accounts.  These are not that important immediately.

Growing your social Media
  1. Free Blogger opportunities or giveaways: these are a quick way to grow your stats.  All it costs you is a blog post and advertising on your social media sites.   To run my giveaways I use  To get your html for everyone set up your post the way normally do then switch to html to copy the code for everyone. To keep things organized I make a google document/drive. If you put in a section header you can add your code for both your html and rafflecopter share code.   Here is an example of an old form.   This will make you a nice spreadsheet for you to use.  You can also embed them in your blog to drive more traffic to it.
  2. Posts:  You need to post frequently and at different times of the day.  Ask for shares and likes so other people can see them through your followers.
  3. Ads:  Remember when I told you save free facebook ads codes?  This is where it comes in.  You will drive more to your site by setting up an ad. 
  4. Blogger Groups:  Blogger friends will be one of you best sources on growing your page.  The easiest way to get involved with a blogger Group is to join in on one of the Free Opportunity giveaways.  
  5. Add Keywords to all your blogger posts under Search Description
  6. Auto-publishing to social Media!  
  • Hoot Suite (connect your RSS feed to Linked in and Google +)   
  • Connect your Blog to facebook by using your feed.  
  • Connect Facebook to Twitter.
  • You can also have your Blog post to Google + if you are using blogger.
  • IFFIT (use this to connect Delicious and Tumblr)

Making Money and getting free stuff!

Brand New blogs
  1. One of the first things you are going to want to do is sign up for Swagbucks.  This will allow you to make money as you search for things.  Trust me you do a lot of this.  It also will give you a source to get gift cards for giveaways.  This will also give you your first ad to use on your page by using your referral link.   
  2. Create a Paypal account.  You want to do a personal one not a business one.  Set it's email to your blog email address.
  3. Create a account.  This will give you opportunities for reviews as your stats get better you will get more reviews.   Reviews = free stuff and giveaways.
  4. You also wanna make a media kit.  This will give you an idea of what one looks like.   Feel free to use mine as a guide.   
  5. Good first affiliates: Google affiliate and Google ads,  
  6. If your open to doing giveaway's on your blog, you should sign up with Sponsored Giveaways!
3 Months old or larger  (you can apply earlier but you will probably get turned down)
  1. Once you get more facebook followers and twitter followers and your page gets over 3 months old you can start adding affiliates.  My favorite one that has a low payout is Escalate network.    If you have been established for a little while you want to also sign up for MySavings Media 
  2. Sponsored posts and reviews "pitching":  This gets you a lot of free stuff to try.  Pitch your favorite companies.    Here is a sample pitch letter/email.   Wanna a see a few of my reviews/giveaways?
I am interested in doing a review, giveaway or sponsored post for --------------.  Here is a copy of my Media Kit.   Please let me know if you require any further information.   
Warmest Regards
Melissa Hellmann
Reviews Companies:
  • A good first start is and as your stats grow the bigger the opportunities.
  • Smiley360 
  • influenster (If you are going for this one send me an email prior to joining and I'll send you an invite)
  • Sverve  You can sign up for campaigns and get a free link to your blog.   

Page rank: 

You can check your page rank.  Your page rank is based on a number between 0 and 10.  The higher the better. Try these tips to increase your page rank.
  • Join forums and post using a signature that contains a link to your website.
  • Submit your blog to search engines.  Most will do this free.  Do not pay for this service. Goggle and Bing are the largest ones.  
  • Ezines (you will be using your feedburner link for your page) add yourself to directories.  Here are a few I have used.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Links from related websites: this is where you visit and comment on other bloggers work and offer guest posts.   I currently do not pay for guest posts but I will not usually turn down a well written article and I will even do a link back to boot. 
  • The more back links to your blog the higher you page rank will become.   It's a bit tedious.

Tips and Tricks 

HTML:  If you don't know html the easiest way to create it is open a new post, compose, add images of whatever you want then switch to html view.  copy and paste that.

Free photo editing software:  Gimp 2

Add a button to your website:

How to add a follow me Section to your Blog:
  1. Use a blank post this will allow you to do all your html for your section without having to know html.
  2.  Download pictures you like for each of your social icons. I have used 64X64 icons on my page but I changed the html to make them smaller. You can also use a copy url but if they take down the picture your picture will disappear. Here is where I get the icons:
  3.  Now for each image you downloaded add them to your post.
  4.  Move the icons beside each other (blogger does a click and drag). They will get closer as you add a link.
  5.  Add a link to each of your social networks to each image.
  6.  Now switch to Html view, copy the code and post it to your site with a html widget.
  7. Blogger instructions for adding html widget/gadget.  Go to design, layout, click on add a gadget, on the basics tab, scroll down and find Html/javascript, click on that. then just put your html in the box, Add the Title "Follow my blog on.." or whatever wording you want.
How to add social media buttons for sharing purposes.

Free photos  I recommend you download them so when they disappear off of photobucket your photos don't disappear.    

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Sponsored posts:  Here are a few companies I do Sponsored posts with or get sponsored posts at.
Social Spark
Giftbasketsplus  (email me for address)
Campus book Rentals (email me for address)

As for SEO!  I am just trying to figure stuff out.  Let me know if you find any good tips.