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Friday, November 9, 2012

OOFOS Flip Flop Review! Best shoes Yet!

For those of you who don't know me, I  wear Flip Flops or Sandals year round.    I'm always searching for ones that look great and fit comfortably.  

I got an opportunity to review a pair of OOFOS Sandals.  

When I first slid them on all I could say is OO!   They felt that good on the bottom of my feet.  They have Great arch support and are not flat to the ground.  It feels as though you are walking on little pillows.   They were created by a team of footwear professionals with the goal continually make a positive difference in consumer's lives.  Boy do they feel great.  No wonder their tagline is "feel the OO!"

OOFOS are not just Sandals they are Shoes.   You can run in these "BAD BOYS"!   This is great considering most other Sandals will fall off your feet.  Even without a strap these guys don't slide off without effort.    Wear them to the Gym!

The OOFOS Technology is based around a proprietary technology of OOFOAM that absorbs 37% of impact and shock.
The OOFOS Sandals are like no other Sandal on the market. A premier recovery sandal that is the softest and and most supportive sandal out there. They provide support for the entire food from heel, arch and to Toe.  They are also Water Resistant which is a major plus for me for wearing them to the pool.   They are also Machine Washable!

They also feature Clogs (great for Medical professionals), thongs, and  Slide on saddles for both Men and Women.   You can search by foot condition to get the best benefit for you.   They come in a number of different colors to fit your style.   You can also get these for children starting around age 6. My 9 year old son wears the same size OOFOS as me.   

Before you order: The OOFOS FOOTWEAR tends to run small. So if your foot is slightly larger than a certain size, please go up one size in selecting OOFOS. 

For 1/2 sizes go up to the next whole size.  

You can purchase OOFOS from their website.

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