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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce Review

If you have been on Facebook you have probably seen all the talk about "Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce."   I know I was curious so when they offered bloggers a chance to review it, I jumped at the chance.   I also liked how it says right on the label, "Christ is our CEO!"

My first opportunity to try it was a burger.   My husband tried to put the sauce on while grilling.  He was adding it to frozen burgers.   It did absorb in as the burgers thawed and it gave it a sweet A1 Sauce sauce type of flavor.    

The second was on Kielbasa    I tried it as a dipping sauce.   I must say it was pretty good.   Tastes like a mix of Heinz 57 with a smokey favor.  The sauce is thinner than ketchup.   

Wanna try some for yourself?  

You can go to your local Walmart to purchase it or Country Bobs Website

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