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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Designing a Womans Life Review

Looking for a purpose for your life? Feel that God wants more of you than you have been giving? Tired of being "lukewarm" with  and for God?  

With this book you can explore your own unique God given purpose.   She tells you of qualities you need as you go about doing your purpose and what things you need to consider for making your making your own purpose.

The honest and shocking struggles of the author point out that God can use anyone .
I found I have had a lot of the same struggles and I was warmed by the thought that there are other women out there that choose to be real and not hide behind a mask of Religious perfection.  She focuses you in those times of struggles back to a loving and patient God.

The spiritual warfare in the book points you to the "Armor of God" found directly in the Bible.  So books on this subject draw outside of the Bible.   She did not.

You can have your own copy of Designing A Woman's Life by purchasing it on

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