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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have you ever used a Rain Check?

An easy way to save money when your not prepared with coupons is a Rain Check!

Why would I get a rain check?
A rain check allows you get the sale price weeks if not months later.
Each store's rain check policy is different.  Some stores will only write a rain check for advertised items.  In most cases Rain Checks are written if the product you intended by buy is not available.  They are usually hand written by customer service or your cashier.  Sometimes however, depending on the store you can get a rain check even if the items are available.  This allows you to come back later with your coupons.

How can rain checks benefit you? 

Let me give you my example:

A store had  Kellogg's Mini Wheat on sale last a few weeks ago for 4/$8. With instant discount for every 8 boxes of Kellogg's cereal. ($4 off 8 boxes)  They only had 6 boxes of the largest item (18 oz. Regular Mini Wheat).   So I choose to only buy two deals last week but I had customer service write me a rain check for two more 4/$8 deals.  I didn't want to buy a 15 oz box for the same price. So 2 weeks later....

I paid $16 for 8 boxes of Mini Wheats thanks to the rain check.
I got 4 free boxes of poptarts (from peelies on the Mini wheat boxes)
I used coupons for all of my boxes of cereal ($0.50 off of each)
Plus I bought enough Kellogg's cereal to get an instant discount also on the rain check deal.
I spent $4 for all 8 boxes of  cereal and poptarts.

As you can see I got a pretty great deal. 

How to take advantage of rain checks!

  • Scan most of the store ads each week to see if their is a great deal for items you will buy.  If this is my off week for shopping I visit the store and try and get a rain check so I am not spending my grocery budget money.  
  • Spend the next couple of weeks gathering coupons for that product.  Don't forget to check the rain check expiration date so you don't miss it.
  • Return to the store with your rain check and coupons to purchase everything at your rain check prices.  

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