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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meal planning

Wondering What is for Dinner? Plan your meals in advance and avoid the last minute scrounge for Dinner!

Here are a list of things I make for my kiddos/hubby for dinner, this is just a main course list for your meal plan.    You can find Recipes on my Pinterest Site and below on the recipe linky!

       Chicken Parmesan
       Greek pitas
       BQ chicken
       Italian chicken 
       Chicken cordon blue (minus ham)
       Chicken Quesdillas
       Kung Pow Chicken
       chicken nuggets
       Chicken with Basil Creame
       Chicken BQ sandwiches
       Alfredo Spinach Casserole Chicken Topper

        BQ meatballs
        Meatball subs
Pork chops
        Marinated pork chops
        Pulled Pork sandwiches

       Beefy mac-n-cheese
       Steak (marinated)
       BQ Roast
       Sloppy Joe's

Pasta /pizza
      Stuffed shells (Italian sausage and/or cheese)
      Mac and cheese (I add salsa)
      Baked Ziti    

      Farro (spelt)  salad
      Tomato and Mozzarella salad
      Garden salad
      Chinese chicken salad
      Taco salad
      Horaitiki Salad

Breakfast foods:
       Gravy and biscuits/ eggs and sausage

       Soup Beans and cornbread
       Chili Beans

       Peanut butter sandwiches
       Sub sandwiches
       Grill cheese and pepperoni sandwiches
       Pulled Pork/chicken Sandwiches

       Grilled shrimp   

Once you make a list of all the things you can make you just add them to a calendar and your meal planning is done.  

Then you just buy ingredients you need each week along with staples.  By planning more than a week in advance you can double up on things you might need the next week when they are on sale.   I currently on do my shopping every 15 days.

Here is a chart I use for my meal planning.

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