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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Learning to Coupon: Part 3

Part 3:  Using your Weekly Ad!  

By now you know how to save on your normal groceries and spot a deal by price.   Now lets learn how your weekly ad comes into play.

The weekly ad gives you a heads-up on when to stock up on items and what coupons you need to look out for.  

However, just because it's in the ad does not mean it is a good deal.  To figure that out, look at the generic item to see if it is cheaper.   The best deals are usually listed on the front or back of the ads.   They do this to get you into the store.   They sometimes hide deals/coupons in the middle of the paper so you wanna check that out too. You can use any manufacturer coupon at any store.

By looking at the ads of a few other stores, besides the one you usually shop, you will see when you might wanna stop in to stock up on good deal.

It doesn't have to be a big trip so make sure you only go in for the item you are looking for.    I currently look at 5 different ads.
For example:  I look at these ads each week after I write my grocery list.  My goal is to save money not have a stock pile of foods I do not use and do not have room for.  Just because it is free or cheap doesn't mean I need it. I will grab some free items for a local pantry if I'm going to go to that store anyway.
Giant:  My normal shopping place.  I wanna see if their is a special on anything I normally buy and that if I buy this week it will be cheaper for me.  They have double coupons and are normally cheaper than the other stores in my area.  
Shoprite:  I only shop this store on occasion.  Usually for their front page deals.   This is a very expensive store.    
Bottom Dollar:  They have a lot of my staples such as eggs, bread and bottled water cheaper.
CVS:  I often get CVS Extra Care bucks with my prescriptions and other purchases and they usually have good deals on  foods and paper products.
 Riteaid or Walgreens:  I don't shop these very often unless the deal is really good.  

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