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Monday, September 30, 2013

Dangers of Being a coupon Lady?

Their are certain dangers for anyone who cuts coupons.  Especially a Christian!

1.  You become a thief?  

Definition of a Thief:  a person who steals, especially secretly or without open forceone guilty of theft or larceny.
Does a coupon scan when it shouldn't?   Do you use a coupon for a different product than the one your suppose to use it for and the coupon doesn't say brand specific?   

2.  You become a cheater?

Definition of a Cheater:  Deliberately dishonest transaction, especially for gain, fraud. 
Do you look for a cashier that will ring up all your coupons and never look to see if you bought the product?   Do you try a coupon just to see if it will go through?

3.  You become an Lier?

Definition of a Lier: A false statement made  with deliberate attempt to decieve: an intentional untruth.
When the cashier asked you, "Did you purchase this item?"  You say "yes" and you knew you purchased the trial size,  that is not allowed.  

4.  You become a Glutton?

Definition of a Glutton:  A person with a remarkable get desire or capacity for something. Something done in excess.  
Did you have to get a bigger "barn" to store you food?   Do you over eat or eat things you shouldn't be cause they are on sale? Did you change to unhealthy eating habits because that what you have coupons for?  

If you answered Yes to any of the questions, it time to re-evaluate what you are doing.  See them as the sin they are.   Stop justifying you sin!